A Smile from Quebec’s Lavigueur

Dominique Lavigueur likes to make people smile with her polymer clay art. She sent in a lovely fan letter and as I clicked through to her site, I had to beam.

“I hope you will sense the pleasure I have in creating my art,” she says. How could one not smile at the picture of Dominique holding a giant grinning polymer clay sun?

She lives in remote Quebec along the St. Laurence. Her wind-blown islands (shown here) are built on natural beach stones. It’s a charming scene and is paired with other offbeat figures that have interesting stories to tell.

Making people smile is an admirable artistic pursuit that she does well. Take a look.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Delightful work! I would say Dominique succeeds in her goal to share the pleasure she experiences while working. She’s spot on when she writes that polymer clay “…allows me to let my imagination run wild and infuse my pieces with a certain sense of humour…” Brava Dominique! (And once again, thank you Cynthia for a wonderful post!)

    • reply Michel ,

      I’m not a big fan of this type of art, but Dominique’s talent has caught my eye and my smile too. Well done!

      • reply Heinzman ,

        Une femme qui a un amant est un ange, une femme qui a deux amants est un monstre, une femme qui a trois amants est une femme.

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