Dilday’s Tropical Setting

I couldn’t stop reading about Australian Melanie Dilday who lives in New South Wales near Mullumbimby. Her polymer clay covered frame perfectly mirrors her tropical setting.

Melanie’s encounters with lizards and snakes and overactive vegetation provided a lush contrast to cold gray Ohio last weekend. I followed along as she “painted the dunny,” partied with the neighbors and hacked the encroaching vegetation. Looks like a great place for an exotic class (scroll down that page to see the setting).

Sometimes when I intently follow the latest polymer clay tidbit and hurriedly track down the best link, the fun blows right out of this blog. It’s the fascinating glimpses into lives like Melanie’s that got me started in the first place and that keep me going.

  • reply Sera Pinwill ,

    How wonderful to see our fabulous Miss Melly on these hallowed pages. Her work has taken off in leaps and bounds – and she manages to capture her lush surroundings in polymer and PMC in ways that intrigue and tweak the imagination.

    • reply Melanie Dilday ,

      Cynthia, what a delightful surprise this posting was for me as I sat with my coffee at 6am this morning while the kookaburras were laughing away in the distance to ensure all this ‘fame’ didn’t go to my head! Thank you for a great blurb. I’m so glad your peek into my life was fun for you. That’s what it’s all about eh!


      • reply Tania Townsend ,

        Mel, your art and your bloggetty blog blog blog are the closest accurate reflection of you there is ever going to be, I think. You go….Nirvana follows!


        • reply debsx ,

          Congratulations Mel!

          Its so good to see another Aussie artist getting recognition for fantastic work! Your frame is gorgeous…as is your ever entertaining blog.

          Yaaaaaay for Melly!
          from a fellow aussie midnorth coast-er,

          • reply France ,

            Well done Mel!!! And thanks Cynthia for making me see pages of Mel’s life I didn’t know about… no wonder you moved THERE!!!

            • reply kinara ,

              Melllll – what a beautiful thing! To all those that have a peak, having visited Mel’s Northern NSW paradise for a few days – it is just that paradise! The inspiration to create beautiful pieces. So proud of youxxx

              • reply Wendy ,

                Mel, You’re a gorgeous girl indeed and it was wonderful to see you on these truly “hallowed” pages (great phrase Sera). My imaginary friend told me to get myself to a computer quicksmart and there you were! In all your vibrant, luxuriant glory! Cynthia, you have struck gold with this one! She’s one dear, generous, talented sheila!

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