Friday’s a great time to tidy my desktop. Be sure to see Donna Kato’s new polymer clay split pods. Just when you think her design is perfect, she turns it on its head and comes up with something even better.

Arizona’s Amy Gebhardt had these velvety smooth, touchable vessels in the Synergy gallery. I’d love to show you more but her site’s under construction (sigh).

Polymer clay book artist Geraldine Newfry did her taxes (good girl) and she’s been using flick! artists database software that tracks her works. It looks fantastic and I plopped down the $30. Does anyone else have experience with this product?

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Jack London

  • reply Geraldine Newfry ,

    I hope you enjoy flick! It’s really been a great tool for me.

    • reply jana ,

      I am so happy to see Amy’s work featured. She is a wonderful artist (and person!) who is meticulous in her finishing. As you mentioned, Cynthia, her pieces are ‘velvety smooth’. She was kind enough to make a ‘mini pod’ for me and surprised me with it at Synergy. It’s just the right size to keep in a pocket and finger as a ‘worry stone’… feels SO good! How wonderful that she’s being seen….

      • reply Gloria Askin ,

        I’ve checked out Flick! think I will plop my $30 also. It looks great.
        Thanks also for Go-Make-Art. I went to their site and signed up for the ezine. Looks good.

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