Boston’s Betsy Baker

One thing led to another on Betsy Baker’s web site. Her “illustrated transfer” technique intrigued me. She transfers portions of found images (using catalogs and magazines) onto polymer, then alters them with colored pencils. But that was just the beginning. Hang onto your mouse.

Betsy is part of Handmade Boston (major fun) and one of her favorite links is Just Jewelry. Just Jewelry happened to link to Facere Gallery where Cynthia Toops and Sarah Wilbanks had some pieces I hadn’t seen.

You’ll want to visit Betsy’s site when you have time to linger and luxuriate. There’s much to see.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Yaahoooo!!! Yeay, Betsy Baker is featured on PCD!! You go girl!

    *ahem* Sorry about that… I got carried away.

    I second Cynthia’s recommendation to visit Betsy’s site. She’s an artist worth keeping an eye on. Beautiful work with a strong, developing voice. Brava Betsy!

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      It was wonderful to meet Betsy at Synergy and see her work in person. She’a a talented artist and a really nice person.

      • reply Susan Lomuto ,

        Betsy’s image transfers are an exciting twist on the technique – maybe the most exciting that I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t believe that I missed her work at Synergy – just beautiful!

        • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

          At Synergy I was sitting across the table one day from a very bright and charming woman who was wearing the most delightful necklace, but I thought it was very reminiscent of Stonehouse Studio, which I love looking at in Etsy since the work is so fresh and gorgeous. Then we chatted and I found out she actually IS the person who is Stonehouse. What a hoot! Her work is beautiful and has a very authentic voice.

          • reply Maggie Maggio ,

            I met Betsy this summer and was taken by the way her jewelry matches her quiet elegance. I had my hand on one of her pendants in the Synergy Gallery twice but was called away both times. I was very excited to see it up on her site the Monday after the conference and ordered it immediately. I’m so happy to see her work get the attention it deserves. Yea!

            • reply K Casey ,

              “She transfers found images (using catalogs and magazines) onto polymer, then alters them with colored pencils. ”

              It’s disheartening to see so many artists and crafters — who of all people should know better – violating copyrights.

              • reply Betsy Baker ,

                I think I need to defend myself here. My technique is actually a bad transfer that results in only a shadow of the original image, and then it is altered even more with colored pencils. For example, the main photo on my Trunkt portfolio was originally a wall clock from a Pottery Barn catalog : . Does it look like a clock now? I hardly think this violates copyrights.

                • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                  Betsy is such a fantastic artist. It was so great to meet her in Baltimore. Her smile and energy would brighten my day anytime I was around her. Her work is fantastic too. BRAVA Betsy!!!!!!!!

                  • reply Melanie West ,

                    I must come to Betsy’s defense in regards to K Casey’s remarks about copyright violations. Having been a professional photographer for well over 20 years (and yes, I did catalog work during that time), I would be the first one to question out right copyright violations.

                    However, the way Betsy creates her “illustrated transfers” totally remakes the image into her own. I have seen the original images she has used, and the finial illustrated images, and there is no comparison. Only about 5% remains of the original photograph. I think “K” might benefit from learning more about “altered art” and copyright issues. S/he will find that there’s plenty of wiggle room for artistic altering in the wording of the law.

                    • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                      I just saw the comment about copyright and wanted to add to my comment….

                      We do not know what agreements Betsy has made with any of the companies or photographers who’s work/ images she uses to create her work. For all we know she is not violating anyones copyright.

                      How dare anyone make a comment about another artist violating copyright when they do not know the specifics of any use agreements or grated permissions .

                      It is not for anyone but the owner of the infringed work to deal with any copyright violations.

                      Enough with the polymer police.

                      • reply Carrie ,

                        These are lovely. I enjoyed reading Betsy’s blog and seeing her inspirations.

                        • reply Nadja ,

                          Wow! Betsy how great to start the day seeing your work on PCdaily! It is just wonderful! I like the new pieces on your blog; you know I love orange… ;o) And the textured bezels are very elegant. You go girl!

                          • reply Bettina Welker ,

                            I finally got to know Besty at Synergy, we shared the banquet table (and some great sushi the das before) – she’s such a warmhearted nice girl, I instantly took her to my heart. And by the way – I love her art.

                            • reply Cristina Baker ,

                              I admit I am biased. I am her sister. I think her work is great, and I think her enthusiasm is even greater. It took guts to leave a successfull carreer in the corporate world in order to pursue her artistic side. My daughter and I wear her work proudly, and are thrilled to be part of her fan club!

                              • reply Patti Underwood ,

                                I love your transfers, could you tell me how to do them?

                                • reply Patti Underwood ,

                                  Sorry my e-mail is pattiroger@ The “artful home” is a beautiful home magazine, I make coasters and home decor, I want to do ripped pieces of color and your way has my head spinning.
                                  Thanks Patti

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