Banyas/Speer collaborations

Ohio’s Deborah Banyas and TP Speer have been collaborating on their mixed media wall pieces since the 1980s.

The couple began studying and collecting folk art and soon their collection began rubbing off on their own artwork. Polymer clay added color and variety to their sewn and stuffed wall pieces.

This bird woman looks like she’s enjoying spring. Their gallery is just the thing to get your week started off on the right foot.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh my, so delightful! I love their work, but I’m wondering why they don’t call their pieces “dolls”.

    Be sure to check out TP Speer’s paintings and prints – as deligtful as their 3D work!.

    Thanks for the Monday kick off, Cynthia. A great way to begin the week!

    • reply Hollie Mion ,

      I have had a couple of their pieces for some time now (and one made the trip to my Synergy Exhibit, the other was too big for the cabinets), and I never grow tired of them adorning my home.

      • reply Deborah Banyas & T.P. Speer ,

        Delighted to see our image out and about!
        We have never referred to our figures as “dolls” because we felt that implied they were designed to be played with. Besides the fact that there are some very sharp wires and fragile parts, they are really meant to be interacted with visually and conceptually. That being said, we really owe much of our inspiration to the folk dolls that we collected years ago.
        Funny thing, though, the repairs we have made over the years have rarely been because of children, but usually by cats leaping up the wall and knocking them down and eating them. We always consider that an honor.

        • reply Rick Preston ,

          My wife and I have Many Speer/Banyas pieces in our collection. We enjoy them more each time we look at them. We feel that they are both whimsical and serious art. Certainly not sugar coated. Included in our collection are a few of their paintings/drawings. These should definitely be checked out. I would describe them as humorous fantasy with a bite.

          I agree with TP, doll is not a good description.

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