Velmachos’ ancient polymer

Sometimes polymer clay pieces can feel primitive and iconic. Callie Velmachos has a crude but captivating way of embedding beach pebbles and found objects in polymer clay. And she’s got a tiny tutorial on her site that shows you how she does it.

Callie admits that it was cRis Dupouy’s book, Creating Your Own Antique Jewelry, that got her started. She’s got an article in the Spring 2008 edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry that will tell you more.

  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

    Cris Dupouy’s book is a great one for those who love ancient designs. I do love antique jewelry. ;-))
    Coco Chanel showed a way of making some good reproductions. And I think You wrote a good post about Parrish relics didn’t you?
    I’m a little upset with gold paint, and i know that metallic powder is not better, but it’s a little walk to metalsmith! 😉
    that’s a joke!
    thank you for all you share!
    see you soon!

    • reply callie ,

      hi eva, read your comment about the paint. actually, i use water base paints, because i really didn’t want to use the smelly model type paint. i just use plaid (brand) metallic paints, and a wash of black to bring out texture, and i have just discovered a thin coat of wax helps bring up the shine on the stones, and protects the piece too. what a great site, i’m new at all this. callie

      • reply Velmachos sets crockery bits in polymer at Polymer Clay Daily ,

        […] Here’s an earlier post on Callie’s ancients. […]

        • reply kathy ,

          I just stumbled on this old post, but I was very interested in seeing Callie Valmachos’ brooches and how she set stones in the clay. It seems they are no longer at that link; does she have a new site, is there someplace else I can find her art?

          • reply Alizarina Art ,

            Hi , I agree with Kathy . Please upgrade this post with a new information of Velmachos and her site !!

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