Wilder’s stacked slices

Mississippi’s Dee Wilder has been spring cleaning her polymer clay canes. Dee sliced up her neglected canes, varying their shapes and stacking them into great looking bracelets. The lack of uniformity gives them extra personality.

Other slices she’s tucked into wire and metal wrappings. From trilobites to transfers, Dee’s been cleaning out and experimenting to fine effect. See the results of her happy spring chores on her Flickr site.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Dee is one of my favorite artists. Her new bracelets are great!

    • reply Libby Mills ,

      Those bracelets are very cool. And what a great way to use up old canes. I love looking through her Flickr photos.

      • reply joyce ,

        hey Dee,nice work,gorgeous as usual- how do I get in touch with you about the MS guild, your aol address doesn’t work

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