Collins mixes discarded and original

Last week’s post about polymer clay artists at the ACRE show netted us a new name. Colorado’s Tish Collins stepped forward as she launches her new web site and makes her first venture into the wholesale world.

Her mosaic works are embellished with evocative objects and findings. Tish’s color palette samples are lovely to look at. She describes her work as combining the old and discarded with the bold and original.

  • reply Karen ,

    Hi Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for sharing the lovely work of Tish Collins. I enjoyed browsing through her website. After taking Laurie Mika’s mosaic workshop a couple of weeks ago, I love anything mosaic. Beautiful!

    • reply Lunes ,

      You can understand why her website is titled “fine works in polymer” it’s stunning, I love her color palette page.
      I’m sad today as I have broken my extruder and can’t complete a design…. Kylee

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