Haunani’s spring pod

One of my favorite polymer clay pieces for spring is this pod/sprout from Lindly Haunani. It’s quintessentially spring with natural colors and shape. The texture comes from sand mixed into the clay. You can read about Lindly’s inclusions here.

But even better than the pod itself is the memory of the Shrine Mont conference perhaps ten years ago when lots of us wore them in celebration of the season and for the fun of it. Wearing it today brings the celebration back again and makes me smile.

  • reply sandra ,

    Ahhhh-yes. Thanks for the memory nudge. Remember the “pod-people” marching zombi-like into the hall with Richard in the lead? So many good times. So many laughs. Such good friends.

    • reply sandra ,

      I had to run and put mine on. I just know it’s going to be a good day!

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        The form this morning wouldn’t come up on PCD for adding my name and email about Lindly’s pod, but here’s my comment (and thanks again for all that you do for us!!!! Sounds like you’re working hard at keeping things fresh. Good for you.) :

        Me, too. Me, too! I have one, and am going to join the parade today. I need a bit of a pick-me-up in this stick-brown hanging on winter that we have in MN, and the thought of a number of us across the polymer world marching together in virtual reality sounds lovely!

        Maureen Carlson

        • reply Lindly ,

          Alas! probably before the popularity of digital cameras…but somewhere there is a collection of a wonderful series of the “pod” people pictures , all wearing similar pods, marching to the drummer of spring inspirations, verdant possibilities and the joy of group laughter. What a gift then and now for a series of pods to become an on-going preformance piece. With renewed spirit and embracement of communial humor- Polymer Pod People Unite in expressive wonderment! Thank You- Lindly

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