Helm’s Auntie and tools from trash

While I shy away from new tools for polymer clay, I can’t resist tools repurposed from items found in my junk drawer. Donna Diseker, a newcomer to clay, sent this link to Edith’s Bijoux blog which is filled with pictures of all kinds of household junk turned into terrific tools.

Tania Zakharchenko‘s (Russian, I think) uses the bottom of beverage cans to form nice brooch shapes. Of course, why didn’t I think of that?

And since we’ve steered off course, you need to see what Sarajane Helm is up to with her Aunt Acid, a polymer clay puppet with a purpose. Sarajane calls her “a tie-dyed tempest with a teapot and a wicked sense of observational humor whose satirically sharp wit goes along with a soft heart and a hard head.” Auntie even has her own myspace page.

Auntie says she prepares her web posts attired in a blogging suit and blogging bra. I’m still chuckling.

  • reply Sarajane Helm ,

    hiya Cynthia! Thanks very much for featuring Aunt Acid. I tried to leave a comment at the post, but the form to fill in the address and name and stuff flashed by really fast and then wouldnt allow a post and woldnt hold still when I went there again… I was in an IE browser, so I came over to PCD by way of Firefox browser and it does the same thing. Also, things look VERY different over in Firefox, I had no idea! Much more colorful. I’ve heard a couple comment on how “white” things got when you changed, but its only that way in the IE browser. Over in Firefox its more colorful than it used to be…I like it much better in the Firefox browser. Just wanted to let you know in case you hadnt looked in both. I had no idea it was so different. I’m posting Aunty’s comment to you here, then I’m off to check my own pages here in Firefox…wonder what awaits me???
    Thanks again, Cynthia!

    • reply Aunt Acid ,

      Why, Toots! I’m touched. (just watch it, I’m ticklish too).
      Thanks very much for the feature here, we certainly appreciate it…

      By the way, PCD is looking very snappy lately. I wasnt sure I liked the change at first but you know it IS easier to read now (not that I was having trouble before) and as always you showcase wonderous things in polymer clay. I’m constantly amazed at how industrious you are and how you come up with something interesting day after day! Good work, girl, and thanks again!
      Aunt Acid

      • reply Trina ,

        I took a peek at the French tool side (I’m a bit trashy myself) and was very impressed wirh the dismantled punches. Off to find a good pry tool.

        • reply Lunes ,

          I have actually met Edith, she came to the re-opening of my studio last month. A charming French artist with great talent.

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