Chandler’s frieze frenzy

Gera Scott Chandler has been on a polymer clay roll! She’s posted 35 new works, most of them 3D friezes, to her gallery site this month. These framed compositions are full of lively colors and shapes. It’s been fun to watch from the sidelines as she goes on a creative blitz, learning along the way.

She found that her larger all-polymer wall pieces tended to slump and bend a bit. She shares her source materials…old books, illustrations, fish catalogs, her guild buddies, and her Vancouver surroundings…but you’ll have to guess how she achieves her painterly effects.

Have a colorful spring weekend.

My studio is on the local artists’ tour this weekend and I’ve got some cleaning to do. I’ll also be trying to fix some of the blog bugs. Thank you, dear readers, for your patience.

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    I wanted to make a comment on Gera’s work but was unable to.
    The box for the comment pops up but no boxes for name and all that other info. When I try to submit it I’m told I need to give the info. but alas the boxes are not to be found.
    I’d love the leave the comment.
    I thought maybe I could leave it with you and if you were willing,
    please add it to what should be many nice posts.

    Gera’s work never fails to impress. Her shapes,colours, and themes express so much joy in life. It literally is like capturing sunlight.
    I enjoy the way her work keeps on evolving and gives so much to explore in each piece. Her work adds a great deal to beautify our world.
    Thanks so much for updating us on her latest burst of energy.

    Deborah Groom

    Thanks so much, I love your site. You open up a world of talent to the rest of us. It’s much appreciated. Deb

    • reply Patti Underwood ,

      I am so excited about seeing Gera’s work! It is beautiful and fresh! I did small pictures in art school with polymer clay and I must admit it was my most enjoyable thing to do plus my teachers liked them. Think I will do one to decorate my home. Need a bigger oven now! Patti

      • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

        Hi Cynthia- I’m just delighted to be on your site again- thanks so much!

        By the way- I’ve found that lengths of wood that are as wide and thick as popsicle sticks are great for adding support to larger pieces that may be susceptible to the “warm room clay sags”. They are strong and don’t add a lot of weight. I had some sticks on hand in the studio- hope to replenish the supply at a local hobby store because I have no idea where they originally came from! I’m sure strategically place popsicle sticks will work too.

        The position of the hanging hardware can also provide stability too.


        • reply Adriana Ayala ,

          I LOVE Gera’s work! Its fun, alive, full of energy and life! 🙂 <3

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