Hyde’s covered branches

Susan Hyde suspended several large polymer clay covered branches from the ceiling of her sweet little cottage in Seattle a few years back. She had strands of lights woven around the suspended twigs. The effect was colorful and charming.

I bought some from her and put them in a display above the piano (shown here). I’ve also covered sticks myself and put them in a vase which always causes people to take a second look. You can tidy your yard and gather art supplies at the same time!

  • reply Toby ,

    When you have a spare moment, want to come to Atlanta to hang my art?? You really have the touch!

    • reply JuLee ,

      I love Susan’s work. I have got to see her in action at the NWPCG’s Clay Camp a few years back and had the opportunity to buy one of her Cat pins. I get so many compliments when ever I wear it. It is one of my favorite pieces.

      • reply Lunes ,

        What a stunning idea….How do you get them in the oven though if they are huge sticks…..They would look fabulous as a table centre piece. Oh creative juices are flowing already! Kylee

        • reply Tina ,

          I use branches too, for marine (fish, starfish, shell) mobiles and also for ‘driftwood’ art with shells and beach glass suspended. My branches, found driftwood which handily is debarked, aren’t very large and fit into a convection oven. I should have some pics up next week or so, beads and shells to add….Gosh the FUN we’re having!!lol

          • reply Fayette ,

            I love the idea of Susan Hyde’s covered branches—-next time I am out picking up kindling for our wood stove—a few are going on my work table for covering. I always have scrap ends of polymer clay canes and bits and pieces left over—now I know what to do with them—besides making beads.
            By the way Cynthia, your site is one of the very first and favorites that I check into daily—so very inspirational and informative. A big thankyou for taking the time to do this-I, for one, appreciate your efforts!
            Art Dolls: http://tinyurl.com/8rxgv

            • reply Lisa Clarke ,

              Oh, I *love* the idea of clay-covered branches in a vase! We recently lost a very large tree to a wind storm, and we have sticks aplenty. I would never have thought of using them artistically, until now.

              • reply donna ,

                Love, love, love, your idea! Not only a great way to use extra branches, but also scrap clay that you really don’t consider scrap cause it’s too nice, but can’t part with it.

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