Once upon a time there was a heating duct cut into this hardwood floor. I hated how the repaired wood looked in our otherwise lovely room. I’m a firm believer that most of life’s problems can be solved (or at least covered) with imagination and good adhesive.

Here’s my pennywise solution. I put a layer of self-adhesive cork on the floor first. My husband calculated that it would cost a mere $17.00 from his stash of pennies to stop my nagging about the ugly floor patch. Voila.

You’ll note that there’s not a speck of polymer clay in this project. I have something to show you but you’ll have to wait until I have enough light to take a picture later in the morning.

  • reply sophia lenz ,

    Currency is a wonderful medium for art. I believe it is the Korean who likes to gift origami trees as wedding gifts. Cranes are made of (dollar/s) bills and then hung on branches with silk ribbons. Being of lesser wealth when I was a student, I made a 2 tier topiary arrangement. The balls were styrofoam, the pennies were hot glued on. Dimes and pearl beads were used as moss to cover where the trunk meets the flower pot. Your floor covering really brought back memories. Thank you for such a wonderful and informative site.

    • reply Mary Kaye ,

      That’s pretty cool! Did you grout it with anything?

      • reply darleen ,

        I love it and if you ever sell the house it is sure to add extra value!! Do you know how much in pennies you used out of curiosity!

        • reply Harriet Russell ,

          How wonderful! I actually didn’t realize until I read the other comments that they are pennies, not little hex tiles. I love the arrangement, and how interesting it will look when they begin to wear, as well.

          As to the Darleen’s question about the value; you know, of course, that pennies are worth more than a penny these days. LOL!

          Thanks for the idea. …Harriet

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