I ran into this lovely site by Lisa Call as I was wandering the web. It’s good to wander sometimes to see what’s out there and stretch some synapses. The books at the left are her polymer clay post-it note covers.

One of the things that got me to Lisa was PMC artist Marco Fleseri’s question that’s making the blog circuit.

If you suddenly became wealthy and didn’t have to sell your work anymore for income, would you still sell it? Would you still make it? and why?

What a juicy question and that led me to all sorts of wonderful non-polymer blogs including the Sparkplugging site with its "craft-boom" section that’s full of good ideas for marketing. You might also check out All things metal clay. But you’re probably way ahead of me.

  • reply VAharoni ,

    Ahead of you?!?#$@&

    • reply Carrie ,

      Thanks for the links. Those websites are interesting. That is an interesting question too about selling crafts without the need for monetary gain. I think I would still sell my art, but with a much higher price. It would be valued on my personal desire to keep my project. At the same time I would feel more compelled to give art away if I could see someone really liked a piece.

      • reply Diana ,

        Wow – these are so neat – great find!

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