Vancouver’s Clayman (Paul Moldovanos) makes a silly end for a busy week. Check out Clayman’s dancing polymer clay chicken. He’s illustrated and sculpted a wide variety of polymer clay work…animation, cartooning, illustration…for a long roster of clients.

I’m getting ready to go on vacation to restore my creative mojo and find my blogging bliss.

Of course I won’t leave you in the lurch. Of course I’ll take my computer along. Getting things done before I leave town with the girls hasn’t left me much time to scour and scope things out. Today’s post was filched from fellow-blogger Iris Mishly.

Last minute find: Love the shapes of Switzerland’s Enkhe’s new wearable vessels.

Should be good stuff next week. Have a silly weekend.

  • reply Enkhtsetseg ,

    I am very delighted to be featured here! Thank you very much!

    • reply Tish Collins ,

      Loved the Dancing Chicken! Went there this morning and started my day out right! Good for a smile early in the day. Thanks for tracking this down…

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