Seaman’s collages, Haddad’s treats

Kentucky’s Daphne Seaman shyly submitted these examples of her polymer clay collages on canvas. Recently I’ve been hungry for new visions and her work hit the spot.

Daphne mixes her media. These two collages combine paint, paper, cork, plaster and polymer clay on canvas. The first is called PolyKlimt and the other Amber Sky. Her latest commission was 50"x52". You need a close view to appreciate her technique and the rich layers of pattern. She’ll be launching her web presence soon.

We’re munching "road food" as we hit the highway for an adventure and these polymer clay Tiny Cravings from Ohio’s Jeanine Haddad look especially mouth-watering. Her tiny delacacies were voted one of last year’s Next Big Things on the site.

  • reply Melanie ,

    It is so wonderful to see Daphnes work featured!…I have seen these two pieces in person and they are beautiful!!…can’t wait for her website!… 🙂

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Brava, to Daphne and Jeanine! I find Daphne’s use of 3D painting with PC terrific… and very inspiring! So far as Jeanine’s oh so life like cup cakes – wow! *shivers* It’s disturbing to find polymer clay so appetizing. Lol. A great idea for a fund raiser.

      • reply Leslie S ,

        Beautiful, Daphne!

        • reply Chris S ,

          I love the picture of the tree! Is there a website where I can view/purchase her work? Very impressive – I would love to commission her to do more larger projects.

          • reply Ellen Baker Finn ,

            Daphne these are beautiful. I am so proud to know you and to own some of you work! You are amazing!

            • reply Jacob McNulty ,

              My wife and I are the proud owners of PolyKlimt and were delighted to see this write-up. The piece is a constant source of compliments. I’m printing this out and it will remain on the back of the painting for others to reference forever.

              • reply Linda Porto ,

                Back in 2000 I purchsed one of your beautiful works at the Humana Theatre festival.
                It gives me pleasure to view it every day.

                Happy to learn about your upcoming website, and I wish you all the artistic success you wish for yourself.


                • reply John Shrewsburry ,

                  I love this art! It’s features in the “Shrewsburry” art gallery.

                  • reply Gabi Merrill ,

                    Daphne, I still treasure my girls clay creations from the good old days`in MN<

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