Nervous bead dreams

I’ll have to finish this post later today because the contestants in the Bead Dreams contest in Milwaukee are so nervous that they’ve made me nervous. I’m checking my sources again to make sure I’ve got my facts straight before I go blabbing. Check the 2007 entries while you wait for the judges’ 2008 tally.

The entry pictured here is Barbara Fajardos’ and it wasn’t the one she thought would be accepted. Same story on Julie Picarello’s piece. The moral of the story is do your best polymer clay work then enter, enter, enter and leave the rest to the fates.

Thanks to Jenn Dorion for sending a message from the Bead and Button show floor…she wins the award for Jenn-On-The-Spot.

It’s official. Polymer clay category winners are:

The overall winners will be named later in the week. Read more here. Thanks to Beadweaver Susan for the official link.


  • reply Judy Dunn ,

    Make that one more in the “surprised they picked that one” category!

    • reply Christy Sherman ,

      Me too, especially since my piece wasn’t jewelry… Although I was quite happy about it 🙂


      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        I’ve been trying to get a complete list of the finalists, but that hasn’t even been published yet. Thank you Judy and Christy for adding to my list! I’m anxiously waiting for the news, too. This is my second year to miss the show…after a five-year attendance streak. Sigh. Maybe next year!

        • reply Susan ,

          The winners were just posted on the Bead and Button forum.

          • reply Lunes ,

            Where can we see their work?

            • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

              Forgot to link them…thanks for the reminder. I fixed it and you can link to them now.


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