Simmons’ winning pendants

Using a color palette derived from Korean embroideries, Carol Simmons created this series of kaleidoscope pendants. She assembled five graduated-sized beads from the series into a necklace which won first prize in the Bead Dreams polymer clay contest.

What you can’t appreciate from photos is the silky smooth finish of these pieces. They beg to be worn and fondled. And I can attest to the careful research, planning, testing and retesting that has gone into every step of Carol’s long development and refinement of her signature work. Click on each pendant to get a closer look. Have a winning weekend.


  • reply sandra ,

    Congratulations Carol!! Exquisite work! Well deserved award.

    • reply Judy Dunn ,

      Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous, and you are right about the feel of each piece. They are amazing. Congratulations Carol!

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Congratulations, Carol! You certainly deserve the honor. Brava!! 🙂

        I was fortunate enough to receive one of Carols fantastic lentil beads at a Shrinemont swap, and I agree with Cynthia, they feel sooooo soft and smooth. Lot’s of work in those gems for sure!

        • reply Barb Fajardo ,

          I remember holding a pendant of hers in my hands when you all visited Santa Fe last year. I was captivated by it then and even more so now. Lovely, lovely work Carol…a feast for the eyes :o) Congratulations!!

          • reply Denise ,

            Such fantastic pieces of art! I can see why Carol won the award. Her work is very inspirational!!

            • reply Amy Crawley ,

              Congratulations Carol! The colors and designs are stunning. My favorites are the second and fourth beads.

              • reply Janice Abarbanel ,

                Congratulations Carol . . . they’re beautiful beads with an exquisite color palette!

                • reply Marcie ,

                  Beautiful work! I have a challenge for you Cynthia, get this lady on the web. I think I have seen 3 or 4 pictures of her work all on your site. I am greedy I want more eye candy. 🙂

                  • reply Carol Simmons ,

                    Thank you all for the positive comments and encouragement! This is the first competition I’ve entered and it has made me aware of how vulnerable you feel when you put your work out there to be ranked in public against the work of other artists. Kudos to all of you who have ever taken the risk of entering a competition!

                    (Marcie, I’m working on a site but it never quite makes it to the top of my to do list. It is a definite goal for this year.)

                    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                      Stunning work! The colors and patterns are exquisite. I’m having a hard time choosing a favorite.

                      • reply Glori ,

                        Congratularions Carol, your work is amazing!!

                        • reply Wendy Wallin Malinow ,

                          Congratulations Carol! First competition – first place… Wow. Not that I’m surprised – I love those beads. I wear mine all of the time. It’s stunning.
                          I agree with Lisa – the only “negative” thing I have to say about your work – it’s impossible to choose a favorite!

                          • reply Cindy Lietz ,

                            WOW! These beads are Crazy Beautiful!! The colors and patterns have an Old World charm to them that remind me of intricate Byzantine mosaics, Persian rugs or Russian Toleware. All with a modern edge…Stunning!!

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                              • reply Dede leupold ,

                                Much congratulations! Great colors, great designs! It didn’t surprise me that you won 1st place. And am so glad that you put yourself out there for everyone to apprieciate the talent that you have!

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                                  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                                    Unbeleiveably lush—color and pattern have my jaw dropped in amazement. Never, never stop working! Can’t wait to see where you go next….

                                    • reply ALEV GĂ–ZONAR ,


                                      GREAT JOB !!! PERFECT COLORS,DESIGN AND A LOTS OF WORK….

                                      YOU DESERVE IT !!

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                                        • reply Dyan Bruneau ,

                                          AMAZING, sure wish I was that good. You go girl!

                                          • reply Beth Norman ,

                                            Wow, these are so beautiful. Your detailed work is outstanding.

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