Sexton simply extrudes

I’m a sucker for simple polymer clay techniques done well and these extrusions from Colorado’s Karen Sexton hooked me immediately. Simple color palettes, simple extrusions, clever graphic treatments. Karen’s meticulous craftsmanship makes them more than simple.

She says it was a PCDaily post that got her thinking about extrusions again which is nice to know. This is the year I’m going to get Karen online so that you can see more of her fine work.

Note: Retirement is lovely. Every delicious summer day I smile as I turn off the alarm clock and roll over. Later I toddle down to the studio and pinch myself.


  • reply Nancy Travers ,

    So, dearest Cynthia — why set the alarm? regards, nt

    • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

      I chuckle…actually it’s not set but I’m still waking at the same time and then falling back to sleep. I rather enjoy the reminder.

      • reply Caren Goodrich ,

        I had the pleasure of meeting Karen at a recent Dayle Doroshow workshop. Karen does excellent polymer work and I hope we can see more of her work online soon.

        (Hi Karen–I know you are reading this! See you in October at the Tory Hughes workshop!)


        • reply susan christensen (sexton) ,

          The work looks great! congratulations on your continued development as an artist, Mother, and thank you for the inspiration you have long provided me! I love you!- (karen’s daughter), Susan

          • reply Deb Brooner ,

            Hooray for showing more of Karen’s work! Please do follow through on getting her online- everyone would benefit. Besides being a great artist, she is a lovely, gracious, unassuming woman who is always wiling to share new and beautiful techniques at our guild meetings. She is a treasure!

            • reply Carol Simmons ,

              Way to go Karen! Lovely work.

              • reply gudrun stolz ,

                really very nice pandants – and so colorful!
                greetings from austria – gudrun

                • reply Kayleigh Sexton ,

                  I love these pendants, they are so colourful and pretty 😀
                  I also got confused as I somehow read ‘Karen’ and ‘Kayleigh’ and thought ‘Me? Oh wait…’

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