Crocenzi and tempered glass

Susan Crocenzi has produced growing body of polymer clay and tempered glass mosaic work since we last looked at her in March. The piece shown here, a 3’x5′ wall piece made of tempered glass, polymer clay tiles, amethyst, metal beads, glass gems and smalti, will hang in the new Austin Centre in Texas.

Detail photos on her Flickr site (look here and here) help you appreciate the work better.

Polymer clay allows her to insert colorfully coordinated designs and messages within the free flowing colors of her tempered glass backgrounds. She is now offering classes in her northern California studio.

Thanks to Susan Turney for the link and the reminder to take a second look.


  • reply Patricia Kramer ,


    • reply Melanie West ,

      Holy Smokes! That’s a lot of detail packed into a huge canvas. And such wonderful detail it is… That must have taken weeks to complete! Brava Susan!

      Thanks for yet another terrific inspirational post, Cynthia. I’m so very, VERY happy for the joy you are finding in “retirement”. You GO GIRL! 😉

      • reply Kim Cavender ,

        Beautiful work! Love the combination of so many different materials.

        • reply Susan Crocenzi ,

          I sure appreciate your taking notice of me, Cynthia (and Susan)! I love how polymer clay yields to my mosaic ideas! Thanks so much!

          • reply Jennifer Janson ,

            Susan’s work is simply amazing. I am always so inspired by her talent. We need to bottle her and pass her around. Thanks for sharing.

            Jennifer Janson
            JANSON Art Gallery
            Owosso, Michigan

            • reply Lin Schorr ,

              Susan you do such incredible designs. You are totally the
              master (mistress? 🙂 of the polymer clay / tempered glass combination.

              • reply Susan Walden ,

                Beautiful work! This has such beautiful colors and a nice flow!!

                • reply Carol Shelkin ,

                  Well, if that’s not a work of art, I don’t know what is!!! More, more… I want to see more, Susan!


                  • reply Stacy Benevedes White ,

                    Who knew what talent lurked within you, Susan? And I thought you were simplay a fabulous writer!

                    • reply Julie Picarello ,

                      WOWZER!!! What timing…I met Susan a few weeks ago when she stopped by my booth at a local art show and inquired about taking one of my workshops. When I got home I checked out her website, fell in love with her work, and immediately suggested a “workshop swap”. I’m jazzed – can’t wait to check out her gorgeous work in person. You go, Susan!

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                        […] See her Flickr gallery here and an earlier post here. […]

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