Scott’s polymer trilobites

Vancouver’s Andrew Scott captured this trilobite in a jar (the last real one disappeared 250 million years ago). It took me a while to verify that his critters are polymer clay. He describes them as being made of PVC gel. He’s obviously passionate about bugs and his armatures are works of art in themselves.

It’s fun to look at the products of his fertile mind on his site and his Flickr pages.

Scott has just finished a bugs-versus-octopods chess set for a collector, a meter-long dragonfly larva for Vancouver’s Nature House and tentacled alien creatures for a science-fiction horror film.

Hope the bugs don’t bite this weekend.


  • reply Dee ,

    I love Scott’s artwork, and follow him religiously. He’s always coming up with new and disturbing things–every one a masterpiece.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      OMG! This guys work is AMAZING! And totally up my alley. (hee hee) Looking at his work has already inspired me to push my work farther. Cynthia, where the heck do you come up with these fantastic artists?! Where ever you find them, please, keep them comin’!!

      *dashes back to Scott’s site for more eye candy*

      • reply carissa ,

        Scott is one of the most talented sculptors I’ve ever seen. Thanks again for your search efforts Cynthia!

        • reply Cate ,

          If he uses polymer clay, why doesn’t he say so? Why does he call it “PVC gel” or “plastic gel”? Is this a holdover from the bad old days—not so long ago!—when polymer clay was considered a kiddie or a crafter medium, beneath the notice of fine artists?

          Those days are long gone, as Polymer Clay Daily amply proves.

          • reply Bugmaker ,

            man, I’m just being generic. I didn’t hear the term polymer clay untill a couple years ago. I always knew that substance as polyvinyl chlorinate gel. There’s no intended mystery, I’m just old fashioned.

            • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

              Scott – Thanks for the clarification. We’re both smarter now and you’ve got a new fan club. We’ll keep our eye on you.


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