Wilder evolves the polymer clay cuff

Dee Wilder has moved polymer clay cuff design ahead another notch with these ruffled edged beauties that look like they’ve been plucked from the garden.

It’s fun to watch a concept morph around the globe. Check out these versions:

Note: Sorry for today’s lateness. Seems I overwrote the post…it vanished. I must have gotten distracted. My daughter’s coming for a visit and we’ll be going on a mother/daughter road trip to North Carolina on Thursday. I love posting from the road.

Addendum: Look at the creation Lori Scouton created as a result! Lovely.


  • reply Dee ,

    • reply Erin ,

      Love the bracelets!! Lots of color, should be fun to wear.
      Very creative – Good Job.

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Wow, terrific work by all! I hadn’t seen Ford/Forlano’s and Kim’s cuffs before – YUM! And wonderfully wild! Keep it coming guys!

        Congrats on some beautiful work, Dee. I really love the plant look you’ve got going. And welcome to the wonky world of Nudibranchs. Cynthia had passed that link on to me a while ago… there are a number of good sites that have really good pics of them – even some video on YouTube (oh, how I wish I could find a way to make my bangles move like those little guys!!).

        Thanks, Cynthia, for the mentions this week. Muchly appreciated!! 🙂

        • reply Kim ,

          Love the bracelets. They really do look like they were shaved right off a watermelon. I’m such a newbie to polymer clay and it never ceases to amaze me what real artists can do with it.

          Cynthia, have fun in NC. I live outside of Raleigh.

          • reply Lori Scouton ,

            Beautiful work! Kims cuffs are incredible, wow! I really haven’t been claying a whole lot lately, trying to catch up on my gardening and ‘body sculpting’ (exercise, ugh!). Then my faithful trek to PCD got the best of me with this great post. It inspired me to try out a cuff with leaf imprints, thanks to that watermelon peel! I was truly pleased with the results 🙂

            Maybe that’ll work…

            • reply Lori Scouton ,

              • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                Those are so interesting. I really like them. They look like they’re derived from watermelon slices – can’t get much more summery than that!

                • reply jennifer stumpf ,

                  these are amazing! what a unique idea. i love them!

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