Polymer clay cuff trend

Ann Dillon Leslie Blackford Kim Cavender

Polymer clay cuffs are the rage this spring. Here are three that I spotted recently. Ann Dillon’s wraps the wrist with patterns that have been delicately inked and stamped on clay. Leslie Blackford’s "Farmers Market" bracelet is a vibrant collection of canes and sculptural pieces. Kim Cavender’s elegant treatment includes pearls tucked among polymer folds.

  • reply Libby Mills ,

    Wonderful cuffs! I love them all. I particularly love how Kim’s cuff looks so much like fabric.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      *Jumps up and applauds madly*
      Brava, brava!
      Three terrific women with three strong and beautiful voices!
      And cuffs! You all know how much I love cuffs!! Lol!
      Thanks, Cynthia, for yet another wonderful post. I feel recharged this morning because of it. 🙂 (Btw, I really missed all of you last week. *sigh*)

      • reply JoAnna ,

        OOH, these are all fantastic!!

        • reply Bettina Welker ,

          What great eye candy – I can’t decide whast I love most – I guess I’ll take them all

          • reply Amy Crawley ,

            Beautiful bracelets ladies! I love the organic feel in each of them.

            • reply Debbie Goodrow ,

              Each entirely different, each lovely. Great inspirations!

              • reply Lunes ,

                Oh I love them all, the shape of Ann’s, the colours in Leslie’s and the classy chick of Kim’s….thank goodness we don’t have to vote for a favorite!

                • reply Kim Cavender ,

                  Cynthia, thanks for the mention on your blog and the encouragement you gave me to actually finish this piece!

                  • reply Wilder evolves the polymer clay cuff at Polymer Clay Daily ,

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