Polymer squid and octopi

California’s Amy (aka SocietySedSo or BunnyXProductions) is taken with sea creatures and has created many jointed variations on this theme (including a zombie one and this gas-masked version) in many colors of polymer clay.

Her love of this species comes through in the color and detail she obviously enjoys adding to each tentacled necklace and squid pendant.

Amy’s in touch with her sunny side and makes graphic and flowery pendant designs as well.


  • reply Dee Wilder ,

    What a perfect combination of offbeat whimsy and superb craftsmanship.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Cephalopods! Oh, what a great jolt to start the week! *does the happy dance*

      Delightful work – I especially love the swinging joints. What a great idea. Brava, Amy. Your octopi ROCK!

      • reply alycia ,

        the octopus leaves me breathless! it’s absolutely beautiful!!! you are extremely talented 🙂

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