King’s inventive portraits

“Endlessly inventive” is what some call Arkansas’ Jay King who makes polymer clay heads that are remixes of other faces and molds of found objects. The hybrid personalities and the accompanying descriptions act like a fun house mirror. You may find yourself peering intently, trying to figure out the strange reflections.

I was particularly tickled by this one, called “Multitasker”.

But Jay doesn’t stop at visual jokes and stories, he also has a rollicking audio podcast. For the full treatment, visit his Flickr page and his blog. I lost myself in his artwork and I’ve completely forgotten how I got here. If you sent me the link, remind me so that I can credit you.

Have a rollicking weekend.


  • reply Judy B ,

    Oh, Cynthia, you give us the most wonderful things to explore. Got up early to get some work done… viewing and listening, the morning is happily shot!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Gotta agree with Judy… one could really waist an entire morning listening to those audio short stories. And I’ve always enjoyed Jay King’s work, even when I get the willies doing so. 😉 Thanks, Cynthia!

      • reply Susanne ,

        …found Jays work a few months ago on Flickr and was totally moved by his creatures… Great work with imaginative elucidations…
        I’m really forced to pilgrim to his site nearly daily!

        • reply Caren Goodrich ,

          Fantastic! Hideous! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at his people. Great sense of humor, too.

          • reply Sue Springer ,

            I see he’s been to the “Mutter Museum” here in Philly.

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