Portugese portraits

Ana Reimundo is a Portugese artist who has recently begun turning her portrait sketches into a series of polymer clay brooches called Deditos.

She combines basic shapes and bright colors into engaging portraits that convey an innocence and openness.

Enjoy her work on her site, fric_de_mentol, on Etsy and on Flickr. Thanks to Philadelphia guild president Sue Springer who brought the link to us.


  • reply Toby ,

    These are terrific. They can bring joy to a really grey day.

    • reply fric_de_mentol ,

      thank you for featured me! 🙂

      • reply miriam ,

        her work is truly amazing! 😀
        and she is a really generous and kind person.
        she has such an original and creative style 😉

        • reply Xana ,

          Wonderfull work of Ana.
          Love all her pins 🙂

          • reply Bokwus ,

            Love it!!!!!

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