McGlon’s hot sellers

Jenn McGlon is an painter/illustrator/collage artist and creator of funky polymer clay art…women birds, cakes, houses and polka dots…meant to make you smile.

Her line of small houses, Luettes, are wildly popular on Etsy and she does a brisk business in commissioned sculptures.

The best way to view her art is to look at the sold items in her Etsy gallery. Her style is young and optimistic and her sculptures perfectly mirror her drawings. Look out, there are many links on her site that you may find hard to resist. I had to explore her music too.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Delightful work! Thanks for the great pick-me-up this morning, Cynthia. And brava, Jen!

    • reply Carmen ,

      Jen’s work is incredible! I’ve purchased several of her Lulettes and not only are they absolutely fantastic, her whimsy packaging is almost just as much a treat as the contents.



      • reply Kathleen Anderson ,

        Great work!

        • reply McGlon’s lighthearted Halloween at Polymer Clay Daily ,

          […] last visited her in July. Her signature little house sculptures, Lulettes, have taken on fall colors and themes. I always […]

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