Lombardi’s polymer bouquets

Italy’s Marina Lombardi’s (Ali di Libellula) polymer clay creations are perfect for a summertime Monday. She bases her designs on floral illustrations and adds wire to simulate climbing vines and tendrils, often adding pearls and stones.

Her wire work style is unusual and distinctive and the combined effect is that of a lush old-fashioned bouquet.

My Italian translation didn’t give me much insight into how she acheived her effects. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions. Enjoy her flowery Italian summer palettes.

  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

    hi Cynthia!
    I am very satisfied to see libellula again in the honor on this newspaper! It is a beautiful artist quite in sharpnesses and artistic references!
    Attention on the Italian guild of polymer clay!
    see you soon!

    • reply sari0009 ,

      For the jewelry pictured, I believe (my Italian is more than 30 years rusty) it says she used silver plated wire, synthetic clay (which I assume is polymer clay?), microbeads, rhinestones, fresh water pearls, glass pearls, and blue agate.

      I have never before seen such a command of such materials, especially but certainly not limited to the use of microbeads (or clay laid within wire, for that matter), such as in her March 3, 2008 “Pedente Mimosa.” Wow.

      She makes wire, clay, beads, and small precious details (rhinestones, microbeads) lilt and sing, making a unique wonderfully fresh and frequently Art Nouveau influenced style.

      Woooooooo! Yes, I think I’ll spend too much time adoring her work. 🙂

      • reply Patrizia ,

        Thank you for sharing ~ they’re Gorgeous!!!! I wanna learn how to do that!!!!


        • reply Marina Lombardi ,

          I’d like to thank you for this pretty mention!…I’m becoming a polymer clay junkie, and your appreciation makes me so proud…


          • reply Global design trends at Polymer Clay Daily ,

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