DeWolff One of a Kind

Frustration…web surfing on a pc…grrrrrr. You’ll just have to believe me and visit One of a Kind Chicago and look at Debra DeWolff’s new work. Yummy.  Once I get to a good connection, I’ll add a better picture. Search the roster for other polymer artists as well. Sorry…too much wine with Colorado friends. Have a great weekend and be ready for good stuff next week.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Debra!!!! Amazing pc work!

    What a great way to kick off the weekend, Cynthia. Thanks!! But I want to see more – Does anyone know of any links (not listed on Google or here on PCD) where we can see more of Debra’s work?

    *starts to close browser window*

    Hey, what’s wrong with PC computers?!?

    ;P lol

    • reply Dee Wilder ,

      I love Debra’s work. I wish she had more of an internet presence. I’m proud to own one of her pieces. Thank you for showing us all the new things she’s been doing. I don’t know why anyone would own a pc.

      • reply Elise Winters ,

        Lucky me! I own this very piece. The beauty of the visual design is obvious from this picture…its cohesive use of color, the repetition of shapes, pattern, and texture across mixed media. What is not so obvious is its marvelous playful movement. Whenever we have a gray day, I put on this charmer and it becomes like sunshine. No one can look at it with out grinning.

        And YES, I think we all need to urge Debra to get a website going. As a cyberphobic myself, may I suggest….Perhaps there is someone out there who can offer her a helping hand.

        • reply Cathy ,

          Yummy is the right word! What a beautiful piece!

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