Ford/Forlano video

Here’s a 4-minute video that gives you a peek into the process and production of Ford/Forlano metal and polymer clay artworks. Those of us who’ve been around a few years will appreciate a glimpse of their canes from yesteryear still squirreled away in the studio. (Go here for a full view.)

That these two have been able to collaborate, evolve, and succeed in polymer clay since 1986 is quite remarkable.

Their links led me to a fun fashion show at SandraWebster and to a preview of the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. And whose name did I spy in the "emerging artists" category? Melanie West with her biobangles! Congratulations to Melanie and thanks to David and Steve for the studio tour.

  • reply Judy B ,

    Wonderful to see inside the studios of these two legends! I’m always facinated with others work environment. So jealous of David’s back yard studio. You are right Cynthia, having a career that spans over 20 years deserves huge recognition. On a petty note, do these guys ever age? They look as young as they did years ago.

    A giant congrats to Melanie!

    • reply Bettina Welker ,

      First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Melanie – you deserve this…great!

      I watched the video twice and I definitels liked to spend a day or two with them in their studios. Ford/Forlano are always an insp├╝iration

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Zounds! Double zounds! Gee, thanks Cynthia for the mention, and thanks to my buds Judy (who I owe an email or call – soon. heh) and Bettina. Yeah, I’m pretty excited and very nervous about the PMA show.

        I’m loving the video you posted, Cynthia. It is so wonderful to see even just a peak into how those guys work, and like my friend Betsy Baker says, it’s nice to see them recognize in the video the woman who does their metal work (who’s name I of course have forgotten). Ford and Forlano (and their metal smith) rock!

        • reply Nadja ,

          Wow what a great video of 3 great artists!

          And congratulations to Melanie for her well deserved success!

          • reply Ford/Forlano weigh in at Polymer Clay Daily ,

            […] you missed the video of the Ford/Forlano studio in our earlier post, you can still watch it […]

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