Came home to Ohio to find downed trees, no power and a shaken husband who narrowly averted death by falling tree. Our generator is keeping the fridge cold and intermittently I get a computer hook-up. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Ohio’s power trucks are in Texas to help them out so we probably won’t have power for several days. I have friends and coffee shops to visit with my laptop in tow in the meanwhile. Stay tuned.

  • reply Laurie ,

    Cynthia, stay safe! You and your family will be in our prayers; as will all those who have been affected by the storms.

    • reply Kim ,


      I’m so glad you and your husband are OK.

      • reply Stacey Conley ,

        I’m very glad you are safe and I hope you can get the mess cleaned up soon!

        • reply Lenora ,

          Having had a tree fall on our house, I give you one piece of advice. Do not twist your body while throwing a branch that has been sawed off. It is not good for your back and will delay your getting back to clay. I’m glad neither of you are hurt and hope you get your power back soon.

          • reply LaLa ,

            Sorry to hear about your downed trees and loss of power but also so glad that your husband was only shaken and not injured. Take care!

            • reply Toby ,

              Stay safe and avoid those wires.
              Hurricaines suck… I am was living in Florida in 2004 (as well as the prior 5 years) and do not miss those named storms.

              • reply Pam ,

                Cynthia, stay safe……Glad you both are OK..we are thinking about you.

                • reply Nathalie ,

                  Hello from Montreal, I’m really glad that you and your family are ok. Take care.

                  • reply Susan Turney ,

                    Hi Cynthia,
                    I just heard about Ohio’s problems from Ike and thought “That’s why there was no post yesterday”! What a mess to clean up. Hopefully your power is back soon and you can get back to normal! Too close a call!

                    • reply Christie ,

                      My goodness! Sorry to hear Ike left his mark at your house. Glad to hear you have a generator.
                      Those of us in the Houston area (well we WERE there until we evacuated) are ever so grateful for your power guys helping down here!

                      • reply Ron Lehocky ,

                        I can empathize with you.
                        Same in Louisville. Wires, poles and trees down. 75% of the county without power. Businesses (our office being one) are closed. Hotels welcoming Ryder’s Cup fans without power.

                        I am glad you are safe.

                        I am having poly-DT’s not being able to work on my clay. The “studio” is in the basement and very dark. I have to resort to a head lamp and a hand crank again on my pasta machine. No oven for baking. My concerns go to those poor Texans.

                        Be careful with the clean up.


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