Timmins promotes polymer

Wisconsin’s Laura Timmins put polymer clay on the cover of Key Milwaukee magazine. Laura makes her own cord and carefully crafts all the findings and beads in her asian-looking designs. You’ll love the look at her process. She uses a no-nonsense approach to marketing and selling polymer clay that works.

This magazine article promotes the Hidden River Art Festival at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts held September 19-21.


Thanks for all your good wishes. We’re fine and without power for another few days. I will continue to visit my sister nearby for showers and internet. I’m slowly catching up on my email and research and I appreciate your patience.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava, and congratulations to Laura!! Lovely work!

    Cynthia, I’m sorry I missed your post about the damage Ike has caused in your area. Thank goodness you are both fine, and hey… perhaps this is a message from the universe that you should spend more time in your studio creating lovely things out of polymer clay. 😉 And… um… that you should take less showers? ;P

    Seriously, I am so glad you are ok. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and live life fully.

    Hugs! -Melane

    • reply Amanda ,

      I just saw your post regarding Ike- sending up thoughts and prayers, and glad to hear you and your family is safe.

      Great to see a fellow Milwaukee-an featured! She made a beautiful necklace.

      • reply Kay Sorensen ,

        I’m thrilled to see the work of another Wisconsin artist.
        Whether working in clay or fabric, color is my number one love.

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