Ford/Forlano video

Here’s a 4-minute video that gives you a peek into the process and production of Ford/Forlano metal and polymer clay artworks. Those of us who’ve been around a few years will appreciate a glimpse of their canes from yesteryear still squirreled away in the studio. (Go here for a full view.)

That these two have been able to collaborate, evolve, and succeed in polymer clay since 1986 is quite remarkable.

Their links led me to a fun fashion show at SandraWebster and to a preview of the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. And whose name did I spy in the "emerging artists" category? Melanie West with her biobangles! Congratulations to Melanie and thanks to David and Steve for the studio tour.

Polymer clay MealyMonsters

Today I felt like Priscilla, one of the polymer clay mealy monsters. Faced with packing and organizing for a trip out West I was overcome with inertia and ended up sitting, sneezing (allergy season), gazing into space.

These endearing creatures speak to me even though I’m rushing the Halloween season. They’re the creation of Buffalo, NY artist, Nicole Johnson, who describes them as, "whimsical, creepy, fun, strange, cute, weird, one-of-a-kind, decorative, art dolls." You can see a little of her behind-the-scenes work on Flickr and on her blog.

If you share my mood, you’ll enjoy kindred spirits at MonsterEtsy. Now I must go pack, really. Thanks to Susan Lomuto for the link.

Liedtke’s polymer clay leaves

I keep running into reminders of fall like these polymer clay leaves from Judith Liedtke of Dortmund, Germany. I like the spare, minimalist design. You’ll like some of her canine cane work as well.

Here in the US it’s Labor Day, our symbolic end of summer holiday.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy some pictures of the project I’m working on, a last minute entry into a local gallery show. My engineer husband created a wonderful system for firing polymer clay inlays. The system uses two paint stripping guns, a bench vice and the wind-up turntable from our aging microwave. Ingenious.