Clay monkey, code monkey

I thought my code monkey days were behind me! It seems not. Thank you all for your email condolences and your patience with that big ugly “Server Error” message yesterday. It’s fixed for now.

These polymer clay sock monkey ornaments by Texan Waxela Sananda caught my eye and seemed right for today. She carries an eclectic mix of artwork on her Etsy site and her blog.

Do me a favor

My sweet nomadic daughter has launched a new website. Please go visit and click around on her This Tiny House blog. She’s fascinated with small spaces and, as a web consultant, can take her office on the road and work from anywhere.

She’s lived in a small room on a commune in Virginia, a miniscule NYC apartment, a houseboat in Sausalito, and more. It’s quite the life and I’d like to help her get her latest venture started with a burst of traffic. She’s got an eye, a way with words and a fascinating view of the world. Thanks for your help.

  • reply Molly ,

    I will be heading over to that blog of your daughter. I can live vicariously through her and her adventures as doing such a thing with a 13 yr old 2 dogs and a cat just would NOT work.

    Thanks for mentioning her blog.

    • reply Julie Anstaett ,

      I wish her the best…if she’s half as talented as you, she will do swimmingly!!!

      • reply Waxela Sananda ,

        Thanks for showing off my sock monkeys!

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