Benzon’s gourds, Polymer Cafe article

Jana Roberts Benzon has transformed her polymer clay sea sculptures into fall harvest creations. Her organic shapes flow from one environment to the other nicely.

Here are the links that accompany my extrusions article in the December issue of Polymer Cafe. The magazine is full of tips and tricks and things you won’t want to miss.

I waded into a swamp of alligators when I posted about monkeys yesterday. I was unaware that in these heated political times an innocent monkey icon has been appropriated for mean political use. Absolutely no political comment was insinuated. Lighten up…and vote.

I’m still coding furiously behind the scenes and looking for a WordPress expert if anyone has one they can recommend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Jana!!! It’s been ages since I visited your site… wow! You’ve been really cookin’ my dear friend. I am in love with your Sea series… yum!! But… isn’t Utah land locked? ;P

    Thanks, Cynthia, for tackling all those alligators. Your perseverence to make this blog happen is VERY appreciated.

    – Melanie

    • reply Kathi ,

      wooo hoooo wtg Jana. The thumbnail makes them look so dang real!

      My wordpress guru is Elaine Robitaille. Here is her website… there is a contact button on that page.

      • reply Janet Pitcher ,

        Those are awesome. I love them. Can’t wait for the article. Miss seeing you, keep up the good work.

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