Levine puts polymer in the kitchen

Philadelphia’s Emily Squires Levine has launched a new site that showcases her decorative tiles built with a polymer clay base covered in a two-part resin. Durable and heat resistent, these tiles can be used as kitchen backsplashes or as coasters. She’s also drawn to polymer clay bowls and eggs.

Frustrated with the early clays’ stiff consistency, Levine gave up caning for a few years and was delighted when she returned to softer reformulated clays. Says Levine, “My next goal is to create a larger piece, combining multiple tiles which are connected visually through color, pattern and shape.”

Thanks to Martha Aleo for introducing us to Emily’s new site.

  • reply jana roberts benzon ,

    Huge congratulations to Emily on her new site. A highlight of my teaching trip to Philadelphia was meeting Emily (such a wonderful person!!) and seeing her fabulous polymer work. Her bowls and tiles are wonderful!

    • reply Debora LeBourdais ,

      I love the idea of using resin for the great dimensional look. i actually didnt know you could do that. nice to know and the tiles are beautiful.

      • reply Lisa Clarke ,

        So nice to see Emily has a website now. Her work is quite unique and so interesting to see in person. I just love how the resin adds a new dimension to the canes.

        • reply James ,

          I usually don?t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful ?

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