Birnco’s riot of color

I’d love to sit down and try some of the beads that Belinda (birnco) has been working on during her first year with polymer clay. The technique looks simple (an extrusion/mokume gane combination) and the effect is stunning.

She’s got a great sense of color that makes the end result luminous, improving as she’s progressed through the year. This riot of color is a good way to start the week.

My daughter’s here to visit and help with Thanksgiving festivities. Maybe we can sneak a couple of hours off to play in the studio like we used to.

Note: Carol Simmons gives a few more clues about reducing her cane with help from the microwave. Scroll way down in the comments on her post and you’ll see her response.

  • reply Sarah Fisher ,

    Belinda is also a lovely hostess and a generous soul! I have had the pleasure of seeing her work in person and each piece is flawless. I am so glad you found her – she deserves the recognition.

    • reply Linda ,

      Does Belinda Birnco have a website? I’d love to see these beads close up and personal!


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