Aharoni’s polymer floating effect

Valerie Aharoni recently updated her site and added a blog. In this post she talks about baking polymer clay beads right onto wire (or bead thread) to get that floating effect. No crimp beads! Such a simple, elegant solution. (I know that Valerie’s not the first to do this. It caught my eye.)

Look at the textured beads, like this globe, on her Flickr site as well.

Why is it that I discover things I’d like to try when I’m least able to get to the studio…what with preparations for T-day?

I’m also thinking about Lorrene Davis’ theory that the size of a woman’s jewelry is directly proportional to her age. I looked at my visiting daughter’s tiny delicate pieces and wondered if Lorrene was on to something.

  • reply Libby Mills ,

    Valerie’s work is so wonderful. It’s great to see her here and to discover she’s writing a blog!

    And I can empathize with Thanksgiving preparations warring with one’s creative impulses.

    • reply tejae ,

      Valerie’s work is wonderful and she’s quite a nice person too! We’re lucky enough to have her as a contributing member of pcagoe (polymer clay artists guild of etsy).

      Way to go Valerie!

      • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

        Dear Cynthia,

        how nice to show us the great work of Valerie!
        I just had to browse through her whole album
        which is a real treasure chest full of wondrous,
        beautiful objects she made…

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