Cozzi and Dustin on winning and perservering

Louise Fischer Cozzi’s polymer clay “Wholely Necklace Belt” was awarded first place in the clay category of the Bead Society competition and is on display at The Bead Museum in Washington DC.

The piece can be worn as a double necklace (shown here), as a very long single necklace, or as a belt. The clasp is fun and almost impossible to find.

In addition, two “think” pieces appeared today to ponder as the turkey brines. The first from Kathleen Dustin on persevering in lean times and via Libby Mills, a link to an Alicia Tormey post on motivation.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Congratulations Louise! Well done, and well deserved! And one more notch for pc when it comes to recognition of the medium. Brava!

    Cynthia, thanks soooo much for passing on both Kathleen’s and Alicia’s posts. Both really inspirational. (Oh, and libby, your pendants you’ve got on your blog are delicious!)


    • reply Cristina Almeida ,

      Congrats Louise!
      I love the concept of the necklace/belt!
      Stunning effect and a great idea. I just wish I could be close to see all the details.

      • reply Ivana ,

        Magnifico ! Very nice work Louise. Did you get the idea in Stresa?
        Great article Kathleen. You are right telling us to not giving up, even when we think that what we are doing is not worth it. One day, it will be. I persisted and belived in artwork and now I am sharing a shop with a friend….you just have to belive in your work!

        Special greatings to both of you, Louise & Kathleen. You’ve teached me a lot in Stresa, and not only regarding polymer clay techniques!


        • reply Libby Mills ,

          Louise’s necklace/belt is fantastic, a great design.

          Credit for finding the Alicia Tormey post really goes to Gerri Newfry. She’s the one who found it first. I tend to lump motivation in with inspiration when they are really two different things.

          • reply Kim Cavender ,

            Louise never fails to deliver incredible design, color, texture, and craftsmanship. I think the world of her and her talent. Congratulations on your first place award, Louise!

            • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

              A very belated THANKS to all my wonderful friends who wrote in to support me. I never saw it till now – would you say I”m a bit behind the times.
              Warmest wishes to you all.

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