Brisk polymer clay holiday sales

Our local Winterfair was full of fine polymer clay work. Pat Bolgar uses micro glass marbles in innovative ways on elegant pieces, Kim Arden’s booth was full of eye-popping colors and Wiwat’s work was full of unusual shapes and hidden treasures.

There were others at the show (look for my small picture album here). Many were too busy for me to intrude. Even in our dismal economic times, the appeal of polymer clay’s authenticity and color are strong and sales were brisk.

Speaking of brisk sales! Did you notice that Ford and Forlano, Celie Fago and Susan Lomuto have joined the ranks of Etsy sellers? We’ve reached a tipping point, don’t you think? I hate to miss a party so I’m promising to fill my empty gallery this week. Are you on board?

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh Cynthia, you are blowing me out of the water this week!

    Zounds, F&F on Etsy! Yeah, ok, it’s some of their vintage stuff, but Etsy?! Phew. I knew about Celie and Susan (terrific shops, gals!)… but seeing Steve and David on Etsy kicks it up just one more notch.

    I look forward to seeing your pics on your album, Cynthia… The pc artists you feature here are delightful! I’m so glad sales were good – that’s encouraging. 🙂

    • reply Susan ,

      Can’t wait to see what you stock in your shop Cynthia!

      • reply Shirley ,

        Was able to go to the Winterfair for Greater Cinti in Covington. Ran into Wiwat and was just blown away. Not the usual technique in polymer clay. I find his work so originial and simply stunning!

        I think that I counted 4 polymer clay artists there with several other artists combining polymer clay splashes within their designs.

        Always love going to shows and finding these artists!


        • reply Loretta ,

          I met Pat at a show in jersey this fall – she is as sweet as her work is lovely. You know she’s been working in polymer for about 20 years and she’s going to represent the national guild at ACRE this year.

          And let’s talk about Wiwat. He’s a NICHE Award finalist for 2009 and his work is showing up everywhere. They architectural look of his pieces is a fabulous fresh direction for polymer fans. And he’s a great guy too!

          Sorry i don’t know Kim because her necklace here is pretty eye pleasing! Keep it up.

          • reply Meisha Barbee ,

            Hey Cynthia – Thanks for the heads-up about the fine polymer artist selling on Etsy. I just purchased a fabulous pair of earrings from Celie Fago. I periodically explore Etsy to see what’s new, but some how I missed F&F and Celie. Thanks again

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