Eakes’ resolution, Filip’s hearts

North Carolina’s Julie Eakes can cross one resolution off her list. She launched her blog. Go give her a pat on the back.

Julie has become known for her elaborate polymer clay face canes like the one shown here. There are more samples on her Flickr site. Thanks to Jana Roberts Benzon for tipping us off. (Jana has some new lovelies on her site as well.)

Polymer hearts for the next holiday are already beginning to pop up on websites. My favorites are from Konstanze Filip (Madooli) from Berlin. She works in polymer, paper mache, and air drying clays, painting the surfaces with bright colors and drawing graphic patterns and icons.

Her newest pendants look like fossils or rocks from the lunar surface. The “in progress” pictures detail her unusual way of handling the clay.

Press reset, reboot your muse

Nobody does polymer clay party people better than Dinko Tilov. This one looks like the morning after to me. If you’d like to find some of the characters you partied with on New Years Eve, look here or here. Dinko has an entire gallery of “face dice” to roll.

If you’re done with partying and more interested in pressing the annual reset button for your life and rebooting your muse, today is a great day to visit polymer clay artists who enjoy helping you: Dayle Doroshow, Tory Hughes, Judy Dunn, Amy Crawley, Heather Powers. Let me know if you have names to add to the list (see the comments for some additional names). I suggest wandering over to ZenHabits for inspiration as well. I hope that 2009 brings you many happy moments and new adventures. Happy New Year.