Erickson’s recyclables

Illinois’ Karna Erickson’s polymer clay charms and sculptures are more Mad Max than Steampunk. Her robot assemblages include nuts and bolts, found items and erector set leftovers.

Under the names of EanyMeany and Cocoon Designs, Karna pieces together a collection of brightly colored sculptures made from recyclables.

Her soft villages are made of a material hodgepodge that includes recycled sweaters, vintage buttons, yarn and more. She uses polymer to create the creatures that populate the villages and to give found objects exciting second lives.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG! It’s a Dalek!! Simply fantastic work! Wild and wonderful, and very inspiring. Brava Karna!

    • reply Melly ,

      WHOO HOO a Dalek! This is the sixth version of a Dalek I’ve seen this week and it’s only Tuesday!

      Great work!

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        I had to google Dalek. Seems I stumbled on a beloved Doctor Who character. Thanks for the cultural education.


        • reply Lynda ,

          Melanie is a great job with the polymer clay
          it’s wonderful !!!!!

          Elizabeth makes me hungry with thumbnails !!!!

          Thank you Cynthia !

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