Fashionable, industrial polymer clay

Melanie West is waking up from her long winter’s nap with a new polymer clay BioBangle and a line of polymer filled brass bangles for her Etsy shop.

In Fashion

In Elizabeth Yarborough’s “Collection Two,” platters of polymer clay miniature sweets and savories are perched on silver rings.

She finds unexpected beauty in traditionally unwearable objects. Her collections are handcrafted in NYC and carried by Bergdorf Goodman and other fine stores around the world. The link is from Susan Lomuto.

Industrial strength

Have you been watching Wes Warren gear up to make 4,000 beads from his soccer ball cane? His methods, which include the use of an industrial clay sheeter, bungie cords for reduction, and very precise mathematics, make for flawless canes.

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Melanie, this is a fabulous piece, undeniably high-concept, unequivocally yours. Go back to sleep!

    • reply Maniguette ,

      Wes Warren is incredible when it gets to caning. His use of bungie cords is fantastic, thanks for pointing it out!
      Melanie West’s bangles are fantastic, and what to say about Elizabeth Yarborough’s miniatures…So much to discover!

      • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

        Melanie’s luscious, beautifully-crafted bangles blow me away. Leave me shaking my head in wonder. Simply amazing. And Elizabeth’s miniatures had me laughing out loud in astonishment — as did the photographs in the photostream. Thanks for the Art Jolt, Cynthia.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Lordiloo Cynthia! You are one speedy poster my friend. No sooner did I put up a post (looooooong over do… and yes, I’m just waking up – lol) you jump on it. Thanks! 🙂

          And many thanks to Christine, Maniguette and Ronna! You guys are terrific! 😀

          Maniguette, I have to agree with you about Wess Warren’s work. Wow, his word canes are insanely immaculate! It must take him ages to make them.

          Elizabeth Yarbourough’s miniatures are simply amazing… my old eyes and fat fingers could never even begin to get close to the detail Elizabeth manages. Brava!

          • reply kittymoon ,

            The first bangle is fantastic!I love it!
            The techniques, the colors and form!All!

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