Faber dolls make Etsy video

Canadian artist Sarah Faber (blackeyedsuzie) doesn’t necessarily consider her polymer clay dolls to be Gothic, although some are dark and contain elements of the supernatural or uncanny.

She considers them to be, “Victorian, with a certain edge. My dolls are inspired by Victoriana, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, and many, many talented doll artists who are have forged the unusual art-doll path down which I merrily skip.”

Sarah is featured on this month’s Etsy Handmade Portrait video (or on YouTube here). You’ll see her smoothing Sculpey across a character’s face and learn about her neighborhood and her process.

Need to play a bit this weekend? Take a look at this color tool. My tiny house daughter sent it to me. Have an unusual weekend.

  • reply Doreen Kassel ,

    I love this work. The video is wonderful & so are the stories behind the dolls. Montreal is a pleasure to see. Beautiful, sensitive stuff.

    • reply Black-Eyed Suzie ,

      Hi Cynthia – Thanks so much for the article! Someone on Esty told me about it. It’s lovely!

      All the best,


      • reply Joy Davis ,

        Hello Cynthia,
        What incredible work! I’m on ETSY all the time and actually saw them on there just last week! But watching the video was amazing!
        Thanks so much,
        Joy Davis

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