Dunn’s polymer spring

Judy Dunn’s “In Blossom” set of Flickr photos allows me to prolong my vacation as I look forward to spring in Ohio. Her delicate polymer clay and glass bead blooms hang gracefully on beautifully designed necklaces and earrings.

Check out Judy’s interpretation of the season as I catch up and find my mojo. Here’s her site.

  • reply Meisha Barbee ,

    Oh Miss Judy….these are simply gorgeous! Your Flicker site was filled with delicate and delicious little gems. I hope you get great response at the ACRE show. Kudos!

    • reply Judy ,

      Thank you Cynthia and Meisha! What a delightful surprise to come to see what was new here, and see my own work!

      • reply Kellie Robinson ,

        grace and beauty. what a wonderful piece of work!

        • reply Sabine ,

          Your flower creations are absolutely exquisite. Your subtle texture and colour variations are just sooo inspiring. I love your playful and cheerful sense of design. Just wonderful!!!

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