Pattee’s odd times

Just like Pattee’s polymer clay sculpture, Harold, I’m wondering what time it is as I head back across time and temperate zones after our lovely visit with my daughter. The California/Ohio swap is a bit of a shock to my system (to say nothing of leaving my baby behind).

Pattee (Odd Dolls) says she likes her world “a little off kilter” and you may enjoy her sculptures to begin your little-off-kilter week too. Look inside her studio where she’s surrounded by bits and bobs that inspire her.

I’ll be synced up and back in gear tomorrow.

  • reply Valerie Ashley ,

    Isn’t Pattee’s work wonderful? I have two of her pieces in my living room and they have kept good company with me for many years now.

    • reply Denise ,

      I love Pattee’s work it is so oringinal and always brings a smile to my face!

      • reply Christine ,

        Patee~your work is fantastic and we look forward to seeing what new work you come up with 🙂

        • reply Rosanna Pereyra ,

          Pattee’s work makes me smile!! She does very unique work! Thanks for sharing.

          • reply Pat ,

            • reply Billie ,

              Your art is always so whimsical and amazing. Thank you for being so gracious in sharing what you do.

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