Polymer spring flowers

I was looking for polymer clay hints of spring to start your week and the daffodils from “SilverPepper23” fit the bill. Her innovative combination of wire, ribbon, seed beads and polymer blooms is impressive.

Problem is, my translators aren’t giving me much more info than the pictures provide. I don’t even know what country we’re looking at. Any help out there?

Israel’s Marcia Tzigelnik (MarsDesign) has a facility for flowers and a reputation for her remarkable rose cane. Her Etsy shop and her Flickr photos are full of inspiration for the season.

  • reply white_fluffy (NataNei) ,

    SilverPepper23 is from Russia, Krasnodar, her blog is in russian, she is a member of our interesting and colourful livejournal comunity polymerclayfimo.
    I’ll let her know and ask to replay here.

    It’s realy amasing flowers!

    • reply Isa ,

      Somewhere in there I’m sure to have seen “Location-Russian Federation” but that’s it.
      I’m from Portugal and I’ve been in love with pc for over 11 years now. It´s my only income source (a hard one, for that matter!).
      So the deal is produce as much as I can so I get have nice prices (CHEAP PRICES, so I’ve heard from Louise Fisher Cozzi herself!)
      I’ve been meaning to get a blog for months now but the little free time i get is to browse PC Daily.
      Congratulations! I Love It.

      • reply Mary Kaye ,

        I’d say silverpepper is Russian – her email ends with .ru . Beautiful work.

        • reply Kate Clawson ,

          Hi Cynthia, They are beautiful. I find my work many times on foreign blogs and this is what I do. I copy the URL and then paste it into Google. Then it will show up on the Google page and you just click on the “Translate this page” that will be on the top line, far right side.

          Here is the link to the translated page about that necklace

          Necklace “Narcissus”


          Yes, it’s long link, and if you click on the actual post for that day you will see many photos of it. This is all it really says about it though:

          Materials: plastic, jewelry wire, cotton cord, beads. Length of necklace in the expansion as 60 cm . And on the bottom it says: Selling. The cost of 900 rubles.

          • reply Jeannie ,

            Yes it is Russian. They’re the only ones who use the cyrillic alphabet. Beautiful work. Where do you find these websites?

            • reply silverpepper23 ,

              Hello! My name is silverpepper23. Thanks for the shown attention to my creativity. I live in Russia, in fine city Krasnodar. In my edge very beautiful nature. Therefore I so like to use vegetative subjects in the works. Come into my magazine, to look new works. Good luck all!!!

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