Ford/Forlano weigh in

Actually Steve and Dave aren’t weighing in (April fools!) but their 100-bead, 22″ wide polymer clay and silver necklace tips the scales at 3.5 pounds.

Dave Forlano and Steve Ford recently delivered the large double-sided pillow necklace to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA). The piece was commissioned by the Women’s Committee of the PMA and given to the permanent collection in memory of Anne d’Harnoncourt, the late director of the PMA who owned five Ford/Forlano big bead necklaces.

It will go on view in the PMA’s contemporary craft gallery on May 9th and be a part of an exhibition highlighting the permanent collection during the SNAG conference in Philadelphia May 20-24.

The subdued, classical, restrained side is modeled here by Ford/Forlano’s metalsmith, Maryanne Petrus. The other side (shown in the closeup) is exuberant and colorful. Truly diva jewelry.

If you missed the video of the Ford/Forlano studio in our earlier post, you can still watch it here.

  • reply Enkhtsetseg ,

    Dave Forlano and Steve Ford are my favorite artists. This necklace is just amazing. Thank you for letting us know about this great piece of art!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Bravo to Steven and David! They deserve this honor big time… I got a chance to get a peek at the drawings of their design last November, at the PMA show. Zounds!! Just amazing.

      I’m really excited to see how far polymer clay has come… even just in the few years I’ve been working in it. Elise Winter’s efforts to get polymer on the museum/gallery radar, Kathleen Dustin’s profoundly beautiful work and now she’s curating a show at the Fuller Craft Museum, and Steven & David’s commission, are just the tip of the ice berg, I think. Bravo to all that have helped get this kind of recognition for polymer clay.

      • reply Melinda ,

        wow! That is some necklace.

        • reply Eugena Topina ,

          • reply Bettina ,

            their work always leaves me speechless…..breathtaking work!

            • reply Kellie Robinson ,

              This is a great honor and I am so proud to see these fine artists get this honor. Like Melanie, I also feel very happy and excited to see how far this medium has grown since I started working with it. Very inspiring to all of us!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                Just like the guys — so subtle! ;^)

                • reply Steve Ford ,

                  • reply petitpoucet ,

                    this creation is sumptuous and correspond wholly at the idea that I makes me jewellery…extravagant and unique…
                    I am very impressed

                    • reply Donia ,

                      I have followed Dave and Steve’s creations since the early 90’s. This stunning necklace is yet another statement of their art genius.

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