Polymer clay flying flowers

Tennessee’s Julia Michelle (aka GodsFlyingFlowers) makes full-detail polymer clay butterflies with a wingspan of 1/16″ to 1/4″. She prides herself on the authenticity of the small creatures for which she has a passion.

“I’ve been told often that pictures don’t do justice to how tiny and intricate the butterflies look when actually seen in person,” she says. I had to flip through her Etsy gallery several times before the size would register in my head.

Thanks to Susan Lomuto (DailyArtMuse) for sending us this tiny treasure.

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  • reply Pam ,

    Wow, that’s amazing she can make those so tiny! I just wonder why would I want to buy something SO tiny? I’d be afraid I’d lose it! I’m not sure quite what you would do with it, really. Amazing though, nonetheless. I love your blog and come here almost daily. Great job and great design and great content! Thanks, Cynthia!

    • reply Frawggy ,

      I have several of Julias miniature butterflies and while the scale isnt what it should be for Barbie dolls, I use them in my displays of my Barbie collection. They’re just the most adoreable little flutterbyes I’ve ever seen! Her other work is all just as incredible from her holiday & fairy scenes to the fun little things she’s made and posted on her website http://juliasminiatures.tripod.com/index.html She’s such an inspiration! Her work is always very unique and uplifting its great to see she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves!

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