Project polymer runway

While I’m not much of a fashionista, I couldn’t help looking at the chunky crazy jewelry in the Fall 2009 Marni collection on Fashionologie. Imagine whipping it up in polymer clay.

Take a look at Marni’s jewels and then picture this…Marie Segal’s faux drusy (here too), Barb Fajardo’s flowers, with a few faux ancients from Velmachos and Yamamura. Help me out here. Who else can we recruit for our polymer project runway?

Thanks to Marie Segal for the new link to Yamamura. Here are earlier posts about Yamamura’s work and her Etsy site. (Kotomi offers her clever downloadable pattern for a DIY necklace display stand here.)

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Chunky crazy (and large) jewelry is right up my alley, Cynthia… but the chaos of the Marni collection is a bit disturbing to me… I like a little cohesion to things, especially in jewelry. I’m liking the polymer clay pieces you sighted, however, for just that reason! PCers rock!! 😉

    • reply Emanda ,

      Thanks so much for posting the links to Kotomi Yamamuri’s work. I must have missed it before. I just spent and hour and a half pouring over her incredible work. Now I must try my hand at it!


      • reply Tonja Lenderman ,

        I would so much rather have one of those polymer clay pieces than all of that fugly designer stuff. Who would wear that? It’s so drab and colorless.

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